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Tell your friends about your blog with a set of our custom blog cards,designed straight from your blog template to assist in the branding of your blog. Include them in notes and mailings or just hand them out. It's one of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote that blog you are working so hard on! The designs below are not available, they are merely provided for examples:

How it Works:

Custom Blog Cards can be designed off of your existing header and template, or if you wish, I can create a whole new look for you from the ground up. A .jpg image is created and then emailed to you. You may either print your cards yourself or choose from a variety of online services where you can upload your image and then have them print your cards for a nominal fee and send them to you! (A much more cost-effective way, considering the price of most ink cartridges)
Price: $20
Get started now and get a brand for your blog by clicking on the "Pricing and Ordering Tab" located in the top bar!

Mom Calling Cards:
Calling cards have been around since the the 15th Century and were used to announce the arrival of a visitor and simply included the person's name. They've been around ever since, although today, they are used as a means to keep in touch and easily trade information. Mom cards are a super way to do just that - use them for playdates, babysitters, school teachers, and any number of ways. Designs are premade (don't worry, if you don't like anything here, just subscribe to my feed, I'll be adding new ones often) and are delivered to you as a high quality .jpg format via email.
Price: $15